Sunday, October 17, 2010

Design as a conversation

When we want to express our thoughts more than just using speech, different kinds of conditions like color, shape, size, smell, sound, textile, brightness, and thickness would be considerate as the medium to be used for helping our expression.  Different kinds of art culture are ensued by this reason, and it also happened in commercial world.  Manufacturers want to allure our appetite of their products, they spend time to their packaging and commercial.  From their advertisement, manufacturers create some images which they are desired to convince the belief from consumers.  Like the Japanese beer “Sapporo”, designer used wine bucket in shape as the package.  It is strongly to tell people how fresh and mellow it is, and it is just packed and sold in market.  The shapely bi-metal can adopt a light and bright silver color as its background.   With a golden star logo put above its brand name, the simple and masculine package is intending to lure men’s craving of trying their beer. 

Besides using packaging, many commercials use exaggerated gimmick to achieve their promotion.  Nintendo, the video game company, overstated their importance for the teenaged fans.  Inside the commercial, all teenagers run crazily to a shop which has monopoly to sell Nintendo new products on the first selling day.  The teenagers continuously keep checking their watches to make sure that they will not miss the time for buying their new Nintendo.  When the time reached, thousands of school kids become unusually strong.  And they seem know how to play “kung fu”, they jump over all the obstacles and run extremely faster than train. After they arrived the shop, their faces all change into the “Mario Brothers”.

This fictitious scene has not brought any disgust to audience.  In contrast, it makes a positive affect to strengthen the good impression to the public.   Companion with the Japan theme song to remind me, even thought the advertisement was taken in Hong Kong, we will not forget Nintendo is a Japanese brand.

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