Monday, October 4, 2010


When I was a child, I liked watching ballet from some TV programs.  The performers wore in the ballet dancing dresses, and their light chiffons and laces made me fascinated ballet in those days.  The unique dancing steps are full of elegance.  This should be the most feminine dance that can cause many girls dream to be a ballet dancer.   Every time when I saw the dancers point their feet and turn around, the glamour attracted me to draw their posts down on my papers.  First, I liked to start from drawing the ballet shoes since it was too interesting to a small child why the whole body can only be supported by those small tiptoes.  The repeated and repeated drawing of the ballet dancers, I started to figure out how to draw human in an equal shape.  This made me love to sketch human body until now.  Also, it caused me to think that the conformation of human is the most beautiful thing in the world.  And then I tried to design different dresses and clothes to my drawing figures, I put different styles of dresses on the figures and drew many decorations on them.  At the same time, the impact to me why I liked designing clothes was happened at that time.  I went to study fashion design after I completed my high school.  Even though I have changed to study in Graphic design, I still like to draw something like fashion illustration.  Besides the affect from my parents, one of the true story why I love to design should be started from I watched ballet.

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