Monday, October 18, 2010

New home decoration

Besides oxygen and food, water is the essential for maintaining our lives, so we cannot live without water everyday.   Since water tap and its system had been designed, we all can get water easily today.   Thus, the existence of water tap is a great creation to the whole world; we make sure that we can have water as we want.   

Traditional water taps are very purpose oriented.  They look simple and lack of design.  However, the design of water tap in nowadays absolutely can be an artistic decoration inside our restroom or bathroom.   They are now designed in many forms that we may not consider to make them.   They become aesthetic, elegance and interesting.  For example, the faucet company Hansacanyon of Germany has put a new concept on their design, and it is so considerate of our needs.  Not only want to bring art and unexpected modern home decoration to their customer but their design is so considerate of the water temperature.  When the water temperature is too hot, the faucet will make the water throw out in red color.  When it is too cold, the water’s color will change into blue.  If the water temperature is appropriate for using, the water will be in purple color.  Although this is not a very new design (it already has been sold few years in the markets), I still feel interesting of its design. 

Some company will more concentrated to make a good shape of their faucets. 

Even though their prices are so expensive for buying these kinds of faucets, they still have their market for some people who love to make their home so luxury.


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