Monday, October 11, 2010

Creativity from without

The famous masterpiece which is called 'Cold Dark Matter: an Exploded View' is produced by the Turner prize nominated contemporary artist Cornelia Ann Parker.  The pieces of charred wood & objects hung on wires from the ceiling around a central, for reappearing the explosion process that had happened in Parker’s garden shed and had blown apart at her request by the British Army.  The suspended fragments with a light in the center make the shadows of the wood dramatically cast on the walls of the exhibition hall, and this creates a feeling that the explosion is on-going.

Another Parker’s dramatic work which is comprised by charred wood is called 
Heart of Darkness”.   She collected the materials from a fierce fire that happened in Florida in 2004.  The artist alludes a distress of original landscape by suspending and formalizing the black charred wood from the high ceiling of the exhibition hall.  An extraordinary 3D appearance signally strengthens the sorrow of the piece.

Neither From Nor Towards, 1992
Using the residual bricks of a house wore away on the cliffs of Dover, Parker repeated a unique expression by hanging the bricks.  She arranged the bricks in a simple house shape and reverted them into its original appearance that they are no longer to be the part of a house.

Alter Ego (poor coffee, posh coffee) 

One of the Parker's permanent display "Breathless" is showing in London's Victoria and Albert Museum which is consisting of 54 crushed and flattened brass instruments.

From Cornelia Ann Parker's pieces, she employed many kinds of methods for expressing her originally designs of her art works: suspending, exploding, crushing, and stretching objects all can be found.  Parker masters how to transform materials and utilize spaces to compose the new creative work, and it is familiar to the world. 

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