Monday, October 4, 2010

Who caused me like design??

          I have always liked to draw, and even to made sculptures and handcrafts.  In elementary school and middle school, I always did exceptionally well in my art classes, and winning prizes in drawing competitions in school. Of course, my parents influenced and helped me a lot too. My mother was fantastic artist and my father was a garment manufacturer.  He designed his own products for his wholesaling business. He taught me how to design clothes according to color theory and patterns, and he taught me how to illustrate clothing.  It was then when my interest in art and design really deepened because I realized art and design could actually be applied to things people use rather than just drawing pictures.
Before I moved to California, I had worked as an assistant designer, helping designing accessories and handbag items, so I needed to handle many graphic works and material sourcing.  I felt proud of my material sourcing in the past because the designers actually acknowledged my selection for their innovation. In addition, I had freelanced for a small advertising company for some graphic design works.  One of my masterpieces that I designed for a client of this company was a movable calendar.   This paper calendar was also a pen holder and could be moved accurately to the proper position for reading the date and was originally designed for a temporary promotional use. However, the client was so satisfied with my product their company continued to order them and I gained more freelance job in this company.  That period made me feel very successful in graphic design, and when I immigrated to America, I wanted to continue studying Graphic Design.

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