Monday, October 4, 2010

Design in Society

From the beginning of the human history, men inhere creativity.  We are inborn designers.  We know how to build and use tools  for our living.   We are different from wild animals and insects who are built with instincts to anticipate weather and disaster.  However, our wisdom can override this shortcoming.   We use our wisdom to solve problems so we don’t live like other wild animals.  Otherwise, we may need to migrate seasonally as the bird of passage to avoid the cold winter. 

Apart from invention and creativity, we also know how to improve our design.  A good design does not only improve an outlook of a product but also makes our lives easier.  In fact, it should be the fundamental objective of designing a product.  The term “user friendly” is always being emphasized when a product is designed.  For example, some countries use smart card to replace real money for their daily lives.  In Hong Kong, the whole transportation system is built on top of the same smart card system.  People don’t need to buy tickets every time.  At the same time, this smart card can be used to pay in supermarket and convenient stores.   Some building also has a system to recognize the smart card and stop at the floor where you live.  What an awesome design it is!

Car manufacturers keep on thinking how to bring drivers a convenient life.  The “Smart Key system” which was invented by Toyota is started being used by other manufacturers.  This keyless entry system allows a driver to start the engine with a single press.  The automatic parking system may be the next popular function in the near future.  

To make your driving experience more pleasant and enjoyable, an automatic transmission system- Steptronic- makes shifting gears as dynamic and sporting as it is with a manual transmission.

All of above are only examples.  They frankly tell us "design" makes our own world lovely and fun!

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