Monday, November 1, 2010


“Objectified” is a documentary about the industrial design industry.  Inside the movie, we can find many famous designers to tell about what they have learned in the industrial design field.  From what they say inside the movie, I can understand what attitude we should have before we are being a designer, and what is the important for us as well.

Dieter Rams, the Former Design Director of Braun in Germany, gives many precious aspects that a designer must think about for doing design.  He said that good design should be innovative, make a product useful and understandable.  Also, good design is honest, unobtrusive, long-lived, consistently in every detail, environmentally friendly and little design as possible.  He said that designers are not the fine artists, they cannot work without businesspeople, and this may some designers have confused with and cannot seriously to think about what they should do on their design.  However, he found Apple is the one of the serious company that can make good design in nowadays.  

Jonathan Ive is the Senior VP Industrial Design of Apple Company in US.  When he met the products of “Apple” in the first time, he could feel how is the person of the designer from them.  This so impact me to think more how I can do some good designs and let people to know how sincere when I was doing the design.  He told us the big definition of who you are a designer.  Designer is the way you can look to the world and need to keep constantly to observe to the things around us and think how they are.  This is true that if designers cannot have a good observation, how they can find out the problem before the present their works.

Another French designer who is called Marc Newson also let me think deeper about design.  As a good designer, Newson thinks that he want to do is to be able to have things that don’t exist before. His job is to look into the future but not doing for the existing design.  This is a very positive thought to a good designer and so why he can be successful.

Although there are only these few examples from the movie, we can find that this is really an awesome movie to let us have more thoughts to introspect how to do a good designer.

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