Monday, November 8, 2010

Repetition and Unity

In the lessons of Des001 class, I had learned many design theories such as the term of visual unity, unity, repetition, etc.  When I think about their characteristic, they are not difficult to find around me, and they have been using a lot in our society.  Like many beautiful constructions in the old days, architects designed whatever for building or houses, ensure to have a harmony feeling, they applied the method of repetition and unity to do their architecture.   

For example as below, you can find that this construction was used the same construction material to build it.  (eg. same window frames, same shape of chimneys, same pattern of bricks, same external wall design, same design of roof, etc.)

Many wall papers, floors and cloth use the method of repetition to do their designs.  Designers use a same pattern to repeat on their works and cause to have visual unity. 

Sometimes, some sculptors also like to use repetition to form their pieces.  By using repetition to form their pieces, their sculpture will form a feeling of harmony.  This is the result of unity.   

Also, the theories had been existed in our nature.  If we can observe more, all plants are glowing in a repetition way, so we feel pleased of their shape.  There maybe we have an inborn tendency to prefer the visual unity in our sight.   
 That why Charles and Ray Eames had said that “nature is the ultimate designer”.  There is a true thing indeed.

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