Monday, November 15, 2010

Ergonomics of the innovative fan - Dyson Air Multiplier

Can a fan function without blades?  Before you see the real object, you may not know why I ask this question.   Last year, Dyson had a new development of electric fan.  The new generation fan is called Dyson Air Multiplier.   Unlike the conventional fan, the Air Multiplier is bladeless.  There is only a “round shape” with its pivot, so you may not recognize it is a fan at once.  When you see the fan at the first sight, you may scratch your head and ask how does it work? 

As Sir James Dyson explained in his advertisement video, his invention is using a combination of technology that is used in turbochargers and jet engines to generate a powerful airflow.  When the air is sucked through a range of 1.3mm tiny holes which are positioned on the lower part of the fan’s body, the air will be multiplied fifteen times by the technology. And the purpose of its “round shape” appearance will help to form a cylinder, during the air that already multiplied passes through the “round shape”, this air will be formed and blow out like a natural wind.  Because conventional fan works with blades, so it has a problem to make air slapping your face especially it sets at the highest speed.  However, the Dyson Air Multiplier is different.  Its wind makes you feel like opening a window on a breezy day.  The tender wind will keep on flowing out constantly and make you feel comfortable. 

Conventional fan usually blows wind with dirt and molds, because many people always avoid cleaning their conventional fans.  The cleaning process is absolutely terrible and can waste us couple of hours.  Because of this, we are rarely to clean up our fans.  Dust and molds certainly will be formed and stuck on the blades and cases.  In contrast, the Air Multiplier is easy for cleaning up.  You only need to clean it with cloth or wet paper towels.  The simple design makes users feel pleasant to keep it clean.

The bladeless fan also is a great design to parents and the people who have pets.  In the past, many children were hurt by their curiousity when they were playing with the conventional fans.  Without any blade on the Air Multiplier, you don’t need to monitor your curious kids anymore and includes your pets as well.   Besides, the Dyson bladeless fan is made by a very tough thermoplastic which called ABS (Acrylontride butadiene styrene).  This material is very light and rigid.  Some products like car bumpers, crash helmets and modern golf club heads are using it for production because of its ideal performance of shock absorbing characteristic.

General design of conventional fan usually has provided 3 different power of wind speeds and come with some additional functions like wind blow direction only.  But Dyson is very considerate for every detail. Users can use the dimmer switch control to adjust how strong of the wind blow.  This no doubt is a thoughtful improvement, and you can enjoy plenty of blowing wind as you like.  In addition, you should feel very happy that Dyson Air Multiplier is much easier to adjust its pivot.  Just simply push or pull the tilt base of the fan, you can adjust all directions that you want. 
To simplify its design, the Dyson Air Multiplier only has three buttons on its pivot: The power, airflow control switch, and the oscillation control buttons.  The smart silver gray color accompany with a very sharp purple blue inside the inner part of the “round shape” and the power light, it is easy to match all your furniture and wall colors.  People may concern this modern fan will use a lot of power, but it only use the same power as a conventional fan.  Except its expensive price, it can be claimed as a perfect fan nowadays.

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