Monday, November 15, 2010

"Check it Out"with words and images

Last Tuesday, we had watched several funny music videos in the Design one class.  The one that most impressed me should be the song “Check it Out” by and Nicki Minaj.  Maybe the video is produced for promoting in Korea, the whole video is using Korean words to accompany with the scenes.  This was not the first time that artists use this method on their music videos to express their lyrics, but the English song post with another language, this should be rare in the past.  The dance music market in Korea is very flourishing.  This may be the reason to urge Nicki Minaj to develop their market in there.  For luring the appetite of Korean’s audiences, director use many elements to make the consonance.  For example, use a more sharp and colorful color tone to match the Korean market, use Korean MC to speak at the beginning of the video, etc.  Meanwhile, the posting of Korean lyrics has input more strong intention to impress their Korean fans.  This should be the impact that comes from “word and images”. 

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