Monday, November 29, 2010

Scary design

The most dangerous design that I think is the body jewelry.  Even though many articles and websites say that body piercing is no serious harm to our health, but I still cannot accept to make holes and put some extra things on my body except the earlobes.  

Body piercing was not a mainstream plaything in society in the past.  However, since 1990’s, some people started to fond of wearing body piercing jewelry rings in different part of their bodies: ears, nose, eyebrow, navel, tongue, nipple and lips. This trend became a new found craze among teenagers, men and women until today.  It is hard to deny that some body jewelries can enable the piercers to look more fashionable, but I still worry that I would be hurt or torn if I were careless to hook something.  Besides, There are not all of the body jewelries are reliable, because the materials are so uneven.  Precious materials such as gold, gem, silver, stones and jewels is not affordable by everyone, so designers need to use sub standard materials to cater for the purchasing power of these people.  But these kind of cheap materials usually may cause allergic reaction. Like belly button rings, the accessories will deteriorate gradually inside the body and skin of the piercers and the rings will emanates some harmful chemicals to the body fluid and skin.  Some lip rings and tongue pins also will cause the whole mouth have infection, because the plating is faded and mix with the food that are chewed up inside the piercers’ mouth. 

Our body is very honest and tend to reject the extra things, so we should not blindingly follow some popular trend.

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