Sunday, November 28, 2010

How to use "Bezold Effect" to change a design

example of Bezold Effect (I)

From the book "Interaction of Color", author Josef Albers hopes to give the recognition of interaction of color to his audiences, so he provides a record of the experimental studies about colors that he did with his students in his book.  From all the examples, I am interested inthe Bezold Effect. 

The effect why is called "Bezold Effect" because its discoverer was Wilhelm von Bezold (1837-1907).  Bezold found this effect when he was thinking how he only added or changed one color but still could have many changes of color combination for his rug design. 

  example of Bezold Effect (II)
Here is an example of Bezold effect.  From the above two pictures (example II), we can find their colors and patterns are almost the same as each other, and only the background color are different.  When the picture in the left hand side is using a yellow color to be its ground color, we can have a delightful feeling because a vivid and fresh atmosphere is contained.  Due to the yellow color is comparatively pale, this causes the pattern colors which include pink, light blue, green and orange to become more soft and light.  However, after its background color is changed into blue in color, a contrast of feeling  occurs as in the picture on the right hand side.  The whole mood becomes gloomy, and all pattern colors in the right one are turned into darker and deeper.  At the same time, the blue background color also affects the pattern colors to become sharper; they look more obvious than when the background is in light color.

Another design also looks interesting after only one color has been changed.    
example of Bezold Effect (III)

From example III, we can find the central point and spiral pattern are in white color, and a feeling of whirlwind seems blowing from the circles.  If we change the central point and spiral pattern into black color, the circles immediately become a black hole.  It seems like sucking things to it.  The colors of the circles are affected by the white and black colors as well.  The white spiral pattern makes all circles' colors look light, and the black one causes all circles become dark in color.
example of Bezold Effect (IV)

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  1. This is NOT the Bezhold effect per se - you are showing simultaneous contrast and color interaction more than anything else. Please do some research. Please have someone proof read your writing.